Do you live, work or own land in the City of Pembroke Pines? If so, have you ever had to consult with a City staff person about the zoning of your property, or about the requirements to get approval for development, redevelopment or improvements to your site or building?

And do you know how decisions about the use of land in the City are made? The answer to this question is: through the City’s Land Development Code.

The City is gearing up to update this important document, which outlines, through the Zoning Map, how every parcel of land throughout the City may and may not be used. We need your ideas about how to improve the Code through the update process!

The current City of Pembroke Pines Land Development Code is part of the overall City Code of Ordinances but currently is not consolidated with other relevant Code sections that pertain to land development.  As part of this update process the City will be consolidating these various sections of the Code of Ordinances into a new Land Development Code.