Respond from 11/23/2020 through 01/25/2020

The City Commission approved a contract with Calvin, Giordano and Associates to update the Land Development Code.  The primary goals of the project were to create a clear, consistent and readable code that reflects current process. At the beginning of the project, two public outreach events were created to gather input from members of the public including board members, commissioners, developers, residents and stakeholders.  The information gathered in those sessions concluded that the existing code was difficult to read, lacked organization and was outdated.

Since the process began, staff of the Planning and Economic Development Department as well as project consultant Calvin, Giordano and Associates have placed an emphasis on public participation.  This public comment period is intended to encourage all users of the Land Development Code to provide input on the most updated draft of the code.  The information gathered during the comment period will guide staff in creating their final revisions to the code.

Step 1: Click here to view the current draft of the proposed Land Development Code. 

Step 2: Review the existing and proposed zoning maps to understand what changes if any will affect you. 

Step 3: Complete the survey to provide input about the code (estimated 3-5 minutes).

For any other comments or questions regarding the Land Development Code please contact Cole Williams ( or Lauren Sands ( in the Planning and Economic Development Department (954) 392 -2100.

Thank you for your participation!

View drafts and support materials under DOCUMENTS